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S.C.O.R.E - Mrs. Brown


Gifted Education Mission Statement

State of Georgia Definition: A student who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual and/or creative ability(ies), exhibits an exceptionally high degree of motivation, and/or excels in specific academic fields, and who needs special instruction and/or ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with his or her abilities.

The mission of the Clayton County Public Schools is to provide relevant quality educational opportunities for all students to develop the skills necessary to reach their maximum potential as responsible, productive citizens, and life-long learners.

It is the belief of the Clayton County Public Schools system that, among "all students", there are gifted students that show potential for performing at exceptionally high levels compared to others of their age, experience, or environment.  Such students exist within all ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic groups and need differentiated instruction to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities.  The Clayton County Public Schools system is committed to meeting the special needs of these students by providing an array of service delivery options and educational opportunities.


Identification Procedures


Phase One :  Talent Search
a) Automatic Referrals - Review of available standardized test data, K-12
b) Structured Observations - Planned Experiences, K-1; Classroom Talent Survey, 2-8
c) Referrals by Individuals, K- 12

Phase Two :  Prescreening
In-School Review Team meets to consider available data on all names submitted for consideration to determine those students in need of
1) instructional modifications, and
2) further evaluation or additional services.

Phase Three :  Evaluation and/or Data Collection
Parents of students referred for evaluation or services are notified; consent to evaluate obtained, if needed. Evaluation instruments administered and/or data collected.

Phase Four :  Eligibility Determination
Student evaluation data presented to area Eligibility Teams. Student products scored, if applicable.  Data reviewed and eligibility determined per Georgia Department of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38.  Parents notified.

Phase Five :  Service Delivery Determination (eligible students only)
Evaluation data reviewed.
Consent to participate obtained.
Service delivery option(s) determined.


Evaluation Procedures


A student may qualify for gifted education services by meeting both criteria in Option A or three of the four criteria in Option B as specified by each local school system.  At least one of the four criteria must be met by a score on a nationally normed test.

Gifted Evaluation and Eligiblity.pdf


Following an evaluation, parents are notified by mail regarding their child’s eligibility status and offered the opportunity for a conference to discuss/review the evaluation results. a) If a student is not eligible for service, but the evaluation data indicates a need for instructional modifications, suggestions and/or recommendations are given to the classroom teacher. b) Parents of students who are eligible for service are invited to a Placement Meeting to review evaluation results, develop an Individualized Gifted Education plan, determine appropriate service delivery options, and obtain written consent for placement.  Included in the plan are specific learner objectives, teaching methods to be used, and the amount of time to be spent in gifted education services. Additional information, including a general (Gifted) Program Description, the Continuation of Services Policy, and the Make-up Work Policy, is printed on the back of the Individualized Gifted Education Plan.


Eligibility Determination
Evaluation data is reviewed by eligibility teams comprised of gifted education teachers from multiple schools within defined areas/clusters. Eligibility decisions comply with Georgia Department of Education rule 160-4-2-.38.

Eligibility of students who transfer into the school system is determined as follows:

a) students transferring from a school system within Georgia, who have been identified as gifted per state eligibility criteria, are eligible for services without further evaluation provided adequate documentation of eligibility is available and/or verifiable and the student meets local continuation criteria. A Placement Meeting is scheduled to obtain consent for placement and to determine appropriate Service Delivery Options.

b) students transferring from an out-of-state school system, who have been identified as gifted, are referred to the gifted education teacher for consideration as soon as records are available. Regular referral procedures are followed to determine the need for evaluation and/or eligibility for service per Georgia guidelines and regulations.

c) students who are a dependent of military personnel as provided by O.C.G.A. 20-2-2140 et. seq. who have been identified as gifted, are eligible for services without further evaluation provided adequate documentation of eligibility is available and/or verifiable and the student meets local continuation criteria.  A Placement Meeting is scheduled to obtain consent for placement and to determine appropriate Service Delivery Options.  


Service Delivery Options


The needs of high achievers and gifted students vary widely.  Therefore, an array of service options is available that addresses all grade levels and content areas.  Specific learner objectives are developed on a case by case basis.  Options to be considered shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

Cluster Grouping/Full-time Class

A group of 4-6 identified gifted students are grouped full-time, within a classroom, for instruction by a teacher certified in gifted education.

Resource Room/Special Class/Part-time Class
Students are scheduled for a minimum of five segments a week for instruction in the gifted program classroom.

Special Programs/Enrichment

Students participate in special programs, competitions, etc. during or after the school day.